New Sports Card Website Aimed at Making Your Collecting Management Easier

New Sports Card Website Aimed at Making Your Collecting Management Easier

We live in a very digital age, with so much of our lives details and information now stored online. The team at have set out to add another part of your life online: Your Sports Card Collection. has made it easy for collectors to create a FREE account and create lists of information about their collections. I have seen a number of lists around collectors personal collections, sets they are trying to finish and just general trade/wants.

I have the site so easy to use that after about 30 minutes I had a majority of my sets added to the site and shared out to other sites, so others could see what cards I was missing or needed. features a very robust search engine designed around either specific players or sets – so no matter what your collecting focus is, you are able to fine tune your search results for to add cards or sets to your lists with ease.

From talking to the creators of, they have future plans to add a trading mechanism to the site so users are able to contact and communicate with other collectors who may have a card they need.

Great work on the site, and I can see a lot of big things on the horizon for Be sure to tell them that sent you!

2013 Topps Football Short Print (SP) Variation List

2013 Topps Football Short Print (SP) Variation List
2013 Topps Football Short Print (SP) Variation List

Some HUGE hits coming out of 2013 Topps Inception Football

Some HUGE hits coming out of 2013 Topps Inception Football
Some HUGE hits coming out of 2013 Topps Inception Football

It’s been less than 24 hours since 2013 Topps Inception was released and we are just starting to see some HUGE cards making their way to the secondary market. Based off popular forums and there has been a flurry of breakers, both large and small, cracking open this product.

Take a look at some of these absolutely filthy cards coming from the product:

Aside from the amazing cards in this years release, one of the biggest adds to the set is that appears that Topps has corrected the chipping issues, which has marred the previous releases of this product.

Stay tuned for a full gallery of hits from 2013 Topps Inception Football.

[phpbay]2013 Topps Inception,5[/phpbay]

Visual Guide to all 2012 Panini Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Photo Variations

Visual Guide to all 2012 Panini Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Photo Variations
Visual Guide to all 2012 Panini Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Photo Variations

It’s our favorite time of year, we think of it as Christmas in January February for all us hobbyists. It’s Panini’s Playoff Contenders release time! With each years release of the product, Panini strives to make the set more interesting and collectible. They have a tradition of creating short-print variations of players that typically sell for obscene amounts of cash, and recently they have started to add variations for each card in the set.

This year, Panini unveils a new chapter for the product, where it appears that EACH player in the Rookie Ticket set has a variation card. Yesterday we gave you a quick glimpse into how you can find the variations for 2012 Rookie Ticket Autos. Today we bring you a visual guide to see the differences between each of the Rookie Tickets in the set.

Find more 2012 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autos on eBay!

Tomorrow we will be adding the RPS Rookie Ticket Photo Variations to the site, as well as any other variations that happen to pop up online for everyone to check out.

The variations for each player is on the right in the photos.

#101 Alfred Morris
2012 Contenders Alfred Morris

#102 Adrien Robinson
2012 Contenders Adrien Robinson

#103 Andre Branch
2012 Contenders Andre Branch

#104 B.J. Coleman
2012 Contenders B.J. Coleman

#105 B.J. Cunningham
2012 Contenders B.J. Cunningham

#106 Bobby Rainey
2012 Contenders Bobby Rainey

#107 Bobby Wagner
2012 Contenders Bobby Wagner

#108 Brandon Hardin
2012 Contenders Brandon Hardin

#109 Brandon Taylor
2012 Contenders Brandon Taylor

#110 Bruce Irvin
2012 Contenders Bruce Irvin

#111 Bryce Brown
2012 Contenders Bryce Brown

#112 Case Keenum
2012 Contenders Case Keenum

#113 Casey Hayward
2012 Contenders Casey Hayward

#114 Chandler Harnish
2012 Contenders Chandler Harnish

#115 Chandler Jones
2012 Contenders Chandler Jones

#116 Chris Polk
2012 Contenders Chris Polk

#117 Chris Rainey
2012 Contenders Chris Rainey

#118 Josh Gordon
2012 Contenders Josh Gordon

#119 Coty Sensabaugh
2012 Contenders Coty Sensabaugh

#120 Courtney Upshaw
2012 Contenders Courtney Upshaw

#121 Cyrus Gray
2012 Contenders Cyrus Gray

#122 Dan Herron
2012 Contenders Dan Herron

#123 Danny Coale
2012 Contenders Danny Coale

#124 David DeCastro
2012 Contenders David DeCastro

#125 Nigel Bradham
2012 Contenders Nigel Bradham

#126 Deangelo Peterson
2012 Contenders Deangelo Peterson

#127 Demario Davis
2012 Contenders Demario Davis

#128 Derek Wolfe
2012 Contenders Derek Wolfe

#129 Devon Still
2012 Contenders Devon Still

#130 Devon Wylie
2012 Contenders Devon Wylie

#131 Dont’a Hightower
2012 Contenders Dont'a Hightower

#132 Dontari Poe
2012 Contenders Dontari Poe

#133 Dre Kirkpatrick
2012 Contenders Dre Kirkpatrick

#134 Bill Bentley
2012 Contenders Bill Bentley

#135 Jeff Demps
2012 Contenders Jeff Demps

#136 Josh Cooper
2012 Contenders Josh Cooper

#137 Fletcher Cox
2012 Contenders Fletcher Cox

#138 George Iloka
2012 Contenders George Iloka

#139 Gerell Robinson
2012 Contenders Gerell Robinson

#140 Rod Streater
2012 Contenders Rod Streater

#141 Harrison Smith
2012 Contenders Harrison Smith

#142 Jamell Fleming
2012 Contenders Jamell Fleming

#143 James Hanna
2012 Contenders James Hanna

#144 Janoris Jenkins
2012 Contenders Janoris Jenkins

#145 Jared Crick
2012 Contenders Jared Crick

#146 Jeff Fuller
2012 Contenders Jeff Fuller

#147 Jerel Worthy
2012 Contenders Jerel Worthy

#148 Jonathan Martin
2012 Contenders Jonathan Martin

#149 Josh Robinson
2012 Contenders Josh Robinson

#150 Juron Criner
2012 Contenders Juron Criner

#151 Kellen Moore
2012 Contenders Kellen Moore

#152 Kendall Reyes
2012 Contenders Kendall Reyes

#153 Keshawn Martin
2012 Contenders Keshawn Martin

#154 Kevin Zeitler
2012 Contenders Kevin Zeitler

#155 Kirk Cousins
2012 Contenders Kirk Cousins

#156 Ladarius Green
2012 Contenders Ladarius Green

#157 LaVon Brazill
2012 Contenders LaVon Brazill

#158 Lavonte David
2012 Contenders Lavonte David

#159 Luke Kuechly
2012 Contenders Luke Kuechly

#160 Marc Tyler
2012 Contenders Marc Tyler

#161 Mark Barron
2012 Contenders Mark Barron

#162 Jorvorskie Lane
2012 Contenders Jorvorskie Lane

#163 Marvin Jones
2012 Contenders Marvin Jones

#164 Marvin McNutt
2012 Contenders Marvin McNutt

#165 Matt Kalil
2012 Contenders Matt Kalil

#166 Melvin Ingram
2012 Contenders Melvin Ingram

#167 Michael Brockers
2012 Contenders Michael Brockers

#168 Michael Smith
2012 Contenders Michael Smith

#169 Mike Martin
2012 Contenders Mike Martin

#170 Morris Claiborne
2012 Contenders Morris Claiborne

#171 Mychal Kendricks
2012 Contenders Mychal Kendricks

#172 Najee Goode
2012 Contenders Najee Goode

#173 Nick Perry
2012 Contenders Nick Perry

#174 Olivier Vernon
2012 Contenders Olivier Vernon

#175 Omar Bolden
2012 Contenders Omar Bolden

#176 Orson Charles
2012 Contenders Orson Charles

#177 Quinton Coples
2012 Contenders Quinton Coples

#178 Rhett Ellison
2012 Contenders Rhett Ellison

#179 Riley Reiff
2012 Contenders Riley Reiff

#180 Rishard Matthews
2012 Contenders Rishard Matthews

#181 Ronnell Lewis
2012 Contenders Ronnell Lewis

#182 Ryan Lindley
2012 Contenders Ryan Lindley

#183 Sean Spence
2012 Contenders Sean Spence

#184 Shea McClellin
2012 Contenders Shea McClellin

#185 Stephon Gilmore
2012 Contenders Stephon Gilmore

#186 T.Y. Hilton
2012 Contenders T.Y. Hilton

#187 Greg Zuerlein
2012 Contenders Greg Zuerlein

#188 Tavon Wilson
2012 Contenders Tavon Wilson

#189 Terrance Ganaway
2012 Contenders Terrance Ganaway

#190 Tim Benford
2012 Contenders Tim Benford

#191 Tommy Streeter
2012 Contenders Tommy Streeter

#192 Travis Benjamin
2012 Contenders Travis Benjamin

#193 Trumaine Johnson
2012 Contenders Trumaine Johnson

#194 Tyrone Crawford
2012 Contenders Tyrone Crawford

#195 Vontaze Burfict
2012 Contenders Vontaze Burfict

#196 Whitney Mercilus
2012 Contenders Whitney Mercilus

#197 Vick Ballard
2012 Contenders Vick Ballard

#198 Vinny Curry
2012 Contenders Vinny Curry

#199 Zach Brown
2012 Contenders Zach Brown

#200 Brandon Bolden
2012 Contenders Brandon Bolden

#201 Andrew Luck
2012 Contenders Andrew Luck

#202 Robert Griffin III
2012 Contenders Robert Griffin III

#203 Trent Richardson
2012 Contenders Trent Richardson

#204 Ryan Tannehill
2012 Contenders Ryan Tannehill

#205 Justin Blackmon
2012 Contenders Justin Blackmon

#206 Brandon Weeden
2012 Contenders Brandon Weeden

#207 Brock Osweiler
2012 Contenders Brock Osweiler

#208 Michael Floyd
2012 Contenders Michael Floyd

#209 Kendall Wright
2012 Contenders Kendall Wright

#210 A.J. Jenkins
2012 Contenders A.J. Jenkins

#211 Doug Martin
2012 Contenders Doug Martin

#212 Lamar Miller
2012 Contenders Lamar Miller

#213 Isaiah Pead
2012 Contenders Isaiah Pead

#214 David Wilson
2012 Contenders David Wilson

#215 Stephen Hill
2012 Contenders Stephen Hill

#216 Mohamed Sanu
2012 Contenders Mohamed Sanu

#217 Bernard Pierce
2012 Contenders Bernard Pierce

#218 Nick Foles
2012 Contenders Nick Foles

#219 LaMichael James
2012 Contenders LaMichael James

#220 Rueben Randle
2012 Contenders Rueben Randle

#221 Coby Fleener
2012 Contenders Coby Fleener

#222 Ryan Broyles
2012 Contenders Ryan Broyles

#223 Dwayne Allen
2012 Contenders Dwayne Allen

#224 Ronnie Hillman
2012 Contenders Ronnie Hillman

#225 Russell Wilson
2012 Contenders Russell Wilson

#226 Michael Egnew
2012 Contenders Michael Egnew

#227 Chris Givens
2012 Contenders Chris Givens

#228 Joe Adams
2012 Contenders Joe Adams

#229 Robert Turbin
2012 Contenders Robert Turbin

#230 Nick Toon
2012 Contenders Nick Toon

#231 T.J. Graham
2012 Contenders T.J. Graham

#232 Brian Quick
2012 Contenders Brian Quick

#233 DeVier Posey
2012 Contenders DeVier Posey

#234 Jarius Wright
2012 Contenders Jarius Wright

#235 Alshon Jeffery
2012 Contenders Alshon Jeffery

#236 Deonte Thompson
2012 Contenders Deonte Thompson

#237 Justin Tucker
2012 Contenders Justin Tucker

#238 Damaris Johnson
2012 Contenders Damaris Johnson

#239 Evan Rodriguez
2012 Contenders Evan Rodriguez

#240 Kris Adams
2012 Contenders Kris Adams

#241 Daryl Richardson
2012 Contenders Daryl Richardson

#242 Lance Dunbar
2012 Contenders Lance Dunbar

#243 Blair Walsh
2012 Contenders Blair Walsh

#244 Miles Burris
2012 Contenders Miles Burris

#245 Josh Norman
2012 Contenders Josh Norman

Easy way to identify 2012 Panini Contenders Football Rookie Ticket Autograph Variations



It appears that Panini has made it easier this year to identify the photo variations of players they have slipped in 2012 Playoff Contenders Football. On the reverse side of the card, you will find that variation versions are missing the players details in the box that surrounds the team logo in the lower right side of the card.

These variation photos were posted on their blog earlier this week, and you can see the different photos on the front, along with the differences on the rear of the cards.

Happy hunting!





Our Top 10 List of Joe Flacco’s Best Rookie Cards



Yesterday, we brought you the Top 10 list of Colin Kaepernick Rookie Cards. Today, we are going to focus on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco has been the starter for Baltimore since his 2008 rookie year, after being drafted in the first round out of the University of Delaware. Flacco has a huge frame, standing at 6’6″ and weighing 250 lbs, making his body the prototypical size for a NFL quarterback. What makes him even more special is his arm strength, which typically assists in most of Joe’s down field big plays.

Currently his cards are at a much more affordable level than his counterpart Kaepernick, but that won’t last if Joe is the one holding up the trophy at the end of the game.

Check out eBay for great deals on Joe Flacco Rookie Cards and Memoribilia

Take a look at our Top 10 List of the Best Joe Flacco Rookie Cards on the Market

10. 2008 Elite Joe Flacco Rookie Auto


9. 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Joe Flacco Rookie Patch Auto /499


8. 2008 Bowman Chrome Joe Flacco Rookie Auto


7. 2008 SPX Joe Flacco Rookie Patch Auto


6. 2008 Topps Chrome Joe Flacco Rookie Auto


5. 2008 Contenders Joe Flacco Rookie Auto


4. 2008 Contenders College Ticket Joe Flacco Rookie Auto

contenders college

3. 2008 SP Authentic Joe Flacco Rookie Patch Auto

sp authentic

2. 2008 National Treasures Joe Flacco Rookie Patch Auto


1. 2008 Exquisite Joe Flacco Rookie Patch Auto


Our Top 10 List of Colin Kaepernick’s Best Rookie Cards



Just in time for Superbowl 47, the sports card hobby has had a new superstar born. Colin Kaepernick stood in the shadows of Alex Smith most of his 2011 rookie season, taking a total of five snaps in live action. The athletic quarterback, who was draft in the 2nd round of the 2011 NFL Draft from the Universty of Nevada, received his chance to play after starting quarterback Alex Smith was sidelined due to an injury.

The outcome?

10 straight victories for the San Francisco 49ers, including a trip to the playoffs, and now a starting gig at the Superbowl. Not a bad few months for kid who previously had logged more hours holding the clip board than holding a football.

Check out eBay for great deals on Colin Kaepernick Rookie Cards and Memoribilia

Take a look at our Top 10 List of the Best Colin Kapernick Rookie Cards on the market.

10. 2011 Topps Finest Colin Kaepernick RC Patch Auto /100


9. 2011 Absolute Memorabilia Colin Kaepernick RC Patch Auto /499


8. 2011 Topps Inception Colin Kaepernick RC Auto /500


7. 2011 Topps Five Start Colin Kapernick RC Auto /90

five star

6. 2011 Crown Royal Colin Kaepernick RC Patch Auto


5. 2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kapernick RC Auto


4. 2011 SP Authentic Colin Kapernick RC Patch Auto /699

sp authentic

3. 2011 Contenders Colin Kaepernick RC Auto


2. 2011 Exquisite Colin Kaepernick RC Patch Auto /165


1. 2011 National Treasures Colin Kapernick RC Patch Auto /99


Three amazing 2011 Topps Chrome Rookie Superfractor Autographs show up on eBay at the same time.



It’s like the stars have aligned, the moon is full, and Halley’s Comet just stormed by.

Three of the largest, and probably most sought after, 2011 Topps Chrome Football Rookie Superfractor Autographs have been listed on eBay within days of each other.

2011 Topps Chrome Cam Newton Rookie Superfractor Autograph

2011 Topps Chrome A.J. Green Rookie Superfractor Autograph

2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick Rookie Superfractor Autograph