New Sports Card Website Aimed at Making Your Collecting Management Easier


We live in a very digital age, with so much of our lives details and information now stored online. The team at have set out to add another part of your life online: Your Sports Card Collection. has made it easy for collectors to create a FREE account and create lists of information about their collections. I have seen a number of lists around collectors personal collections, sets they are trying to finish and just general trade/wants.

I have the site so easy to use that after about 30 minutes I had a majority of my sets added to the site and shared out to other sites, so others could see what cards I was missing or needed. features a very robust search engine designed around either specific players or sets – so no matter what your collecting focus is, you are able to fine tune your search results for to add cards or sets to your lists with ease.

From talking to the creators of, they have future plans to add a trading mechanism to the site so users are able to contact and communicate with other collectors who may have a card they need.

Great work on the site, and I can see a lot of big things on the horizon for Be sure to tell them that sent you!