Welcome to the Show Matt Wieters


At the ripe age of 23, the Baltimore Orioles phenom Matt Wieters has finally arrived. This highly anticipated event was put on hold coming out of Spring Training as the O’s decided to reassign Wieters instead of having him join the club at the beginning on the season. In 39 games for Triple-A Norfolk, Wieters batted .305 with 5 HR and 30 RBI. These numbers pale in comparison the physical number that Wieters posses, the 6-foot 5-inch, 230-pound frame of Matt is almost as freaskish in nature as the hype that has been surrounding him at his days at Georgia Tech.

While there is no sleeper watch to report here, many prospectors are looking to cash in on Wieters arrival. A number of his cards with very high price tags following closely to the hype that was around Jay Bruce as he made his debut last year. Wieters did not have the same instance success that Bruce did at the plate, but I have a feeling in the long run Matt will be far better than Jay.

If you are looking for some of his more popular cards, currently his 2007 Donruss EEE is on our hot list as well as a top card among many prospectors and hobbyists alike. Be sure save a few as the potential for Wieters is just as monstrous as his size.