Introducing – the only tool you need for eBay’s completed sales information

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Earlier last year, eBay changed the way it display completed auctions – an invaluable tool for many sports card collectors. With this change, eBay made it more difficult to see both the most recent completed sales and best offer prices accepted.

Our wonderful friends at have devised a very slick and simple website to now search and compare numerous eBay auctions at once.

The site allows you to search for any items for sale on eBay’s regular site. Unlike eBay, then allows for you to do another search and compare the results side-by-side. Within the search results you are able to filter by completed auctions and see final prices on best offers and auctions.

This tool has changed the way I search for items on eBay. I can now easily search and compare a number of sports card at once, versus having multiple browser tabs open on my machine. Best off all, the data is all real-time, so you can see completed sales as they happen and you don’t have to wait the 24-hours eBay places on their site for the sales data to appear.

Check them out and start changing your eBay habit.