Hot List: Top 25 Baseball Cards for August 2009


As teams are making their pushes toward the post season, a rash of mid-season call-ups have escalated the demand for quite a few prospect rookie cards resulting in an overwhelming demand and collectors paying out at some all-time highs for prices. For the month of August and possibly into late October, I can see that Gordon Beckham and his cards are going to very hot.

Here is the Top 25 Baseball Cards for August 2009:

  1. 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Gordon Beckham RC Auto
  2. 2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects Tommy Hanson RC
  3. 2007 Bowman Chrome Tim Lincecum RC Auto
  4. 2009 SPx Matt Wieters Auto
  5. 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Jesus Montero RC Auto
  6. 2007 Bowman Sterling Tim Lincecum RC Auto
  7. 1997 Bowman Chrome Roy Halladay RC
  8. 2009 Bowman Prospects Gordon Beckham Auto
  9. 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Buster Posey RC Auto
  10. 2004 Bowman Chrome Aflac Andrew McCutchen
  11. 2005 Topps Chrome Update Andrew McCutchen Auto
  12. 2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick Evan Longoria RC AU
  13. 2008 Bowman Sterling Evan Longoria RC Auto
  14. 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects Logan Morrison Auto
  15. 2006 Bowman Chrome Justin Upton RC AU
  16. 2007 Donruss EEE Matt Weiters Auto
  17. 2008 Sweet Spot USA Signatures Black Stitch Red Auto Stephen Strasburg
  18. 2008 Upper Deck USA Stephen Strasburg
  19. 2009 Topps Red Hot Rookie Redemptions
  20. 2004 Bowman Chrome Felix Hernandez Auto
  21. 2002 Bowman Chrome Joe Mauer RC Auto
  22. 2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects David Price Auto
  23. 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Rick Porcello RC
  24. 2009 Topps Chrome Tommy Hanson RC Auto
  25. 2005 Bowman Chrome Pospects Justin Verlander Auto

Happy collecting!