David Ortiz starring in Slumpdog Millionaire


Big Papi’s recent power outage is leaving more than the Red Sox nation in the dark. Ortiz, a predominate .300 hitter, averaging 40+ HR, and 100+ RBI since joining the Sox in 2003 is amid a landslide at the plate this year. Batting .193 with 1 HR and 18 RBI in his first 42 games this year has rang loudly across Ortiz fantasy-owners and collectors. This slump has created a bottom-out in prices in Ortiz’s 1997 Fleer RC as well as a majority of his other memorabilia and cards.

Amid the rumors and accusations of Oritz’s steroid use, one has to wonder where his power has gone in the last two years? Since last year’s All-Star break, Papi has managed to club only 11 HR, and for someone whose role on the team is purely to hit, I have to feel these numbers are disheartening to the Sox organization. All players face a multiple slumps along their career, and most snap out with a vengeance. If that tradition holds true in the case for Ortiz, his recent cold streak should transpire in to a spectacular show once he snaps out.

Enjoy the basement bargain prices on Ortiz as most collectors and having a fire sale with his cards.