Interesting 2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Autograph Sales Data


2010 Topps Chrome Baseball has been on the streets for about two full weeks now. Without a doubt, the biggest buzz around this product has been the Stephen Strasburg Chrome Autographs that were inserted in the product. Even after Strasburg’s season was cut short due to his injury, his secondary market prices have not bottomed out, completely.

I have compiled some data from eBay on the sales of all of the 2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Autographs to date. Check out the table to see some very interesting data:

Card Number of Sales Average High Low
2010 Topps Chrome Base AU 16 $138.96 $174.50 $104.50
2010 Topps Chrome Base AU Redemption 9 $137.99 $178.00 $91.26
2010 Topps Chrome Refractor AU 37 $164.95 $225.00 $124.00
2010 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor AU 11 $258.34 $360.00 $150.00
2010 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor AU 3 $399.33 $449.99 $348.00
2010 Topps Chrome Red Refractor AU 2 $675.00 $700.00 $650.00

There has been 12 more sales of the Refractor version of the Chrome Autograph, for a card that is numbered to 499 verse a card that is unnumbered and has better odds of pulling, this is a bit of a head scratcher why there hasn’t been more base chrome auto pop-up for sale.

To date, there has been 78 successful sales on eBay regarding any variation of a 2010 Topps Chrome Strasburg Auto, collectively selling for a grand total of $14,958.16, or an average of $191.77 per card.