2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg Red Auto Surfaces


After just about every major media outlet picked up the story of the coveted Stephen Strasburg 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospect Superfractor hitting eBay last month, there has been much anticipation to when the Red Auto parallel would surface.

While the $50,000 price tag slapped on the Red Auto edition of the card, may deter many novice collectors, as of 6/15 there had 16 offers submitted on the card. For a card of this caliber, I feel a straight auction is the best approach, and I am unsure if this version of the card can command the same premium as the Superfractor version, which sold for $16,000 and some change.

The recent national exposure of Strasburg has sent a resurgence of enthusiasm into a hobby that had been clinging to life support for the past few years. Beckett recently published an article on the gentlemen who won the Superfractor, who admitted he hadn’t collected cards since the mid-1990’s. This is also evident across numerous web forums, like FreedomCardBoard, where new collectors and other sport collectors have been religious seeking out any and all Strasburg cards in hopes of cashing in on some of the hype.

Now that every major “chase” card of Strasburg has surfaced, aside from the 1/1 Printing Plates, prices of the 2010 Bowman products have reached all time highs, and continue to climb. The market is flooded with Stephen Strasburg cards, yet prices have kept a steady price. Beckett reported that last month the average sell price of all Strasburg cards was $67.77.

And there is plenty more room for growth and profit.