2010 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Superfractor on eBay (again)


Without a doubt, the only person to receive more hype in their young career than Stephen Strasburg is Bryce Harper. Fresh off consensus 2010 Golden Spikes award, given out to the years best amateur player, and his Number 1 overall selection by the Washington Nationals in this year’s MLB Draft, this 17-year-old phenom has caught the eyes of the media and made believers out of many baseball fans.

When Topps announced the addition of the USA set in their 2010 Bowman release, collectors began to speculate about the possibilities of Haper being included in the set – and the possibilities of the Harper Superfractor.

Harper has had previously released USA themed cards released by Upper Deck in 2008 and 2009, along with a promotional 2009 Bowman AFLAC card handed out at the 2008 AFLAC All-American game. Not until now, has anyone released a real “chase” card like the Superfractor.

The 2010 Bowman Chrome USA Bryce Harper Superfractor is currently (back) on eBay. Much like it’s much publicized Strasburg counterpart, it’s original listings were all ended due to improper and false bidding. The current auction, at $4,600 with the reserve not met, is just a fraction of what the Strasburg superfractor sold for. Red refractor version of Harper, which are numbered to 5, have been selling anywhere from $2,200 (ungraded) to $13,000 (BGS Pristine).

This card certainly has the potential of reaching near-Strasburgian heights in regards to price, however, I am not sure how well the price will maintain once Harper is included in a Draft version of Bowman, presumably at the end of this year. Hopefully, as an autographed version.