Review: 2010 Topps Chrome Football – 1 Box Break




Product Information

24 packs per box. 4 cards per pack. One Rookie Autograph per Hobby Box. Box prices have been around the $40-$60 neighborhood now, but was as high as $70 at release.

The Break

Topps recently released the follow-up to their initial football release – 2010 Topps Chrome. The product features Topps patented Chrome and Refractor technology. The set features 110 veteran cards and 110 rookie cards from the 2010 NFL Draft. Each box contains one rookie autograph card. Those come in a base, refractor (numbered to 50), black refractor (numbered to 25), gold refractor (numbered to 10), and superfractor (numbered to 1) versions. There is also an alternate rookie patch autograph (numbered to 25) version available for some of the rookies.

Additionally, each non-rookie autograph card has multiple parallel versions. Refractor (not numbered), blue refractors (numbered to 199), gold refractors (numbered to 50), red refractors (numbered to 25), and superfracotor (numbered to 1) versions are avilable for each base version.


Much like previous releases, the 2010 Topps Chrome Football release features sticker autographs on their rookie autographs. Unlike their baseball counterpart who was able to move to on-card autographs for the 2010 release. A very hopeful sign that the football release will be doing the same in future releases.

The cards were produced far better than the baseball release and do not have the rampant bowing and off-center that was very prevalent in the baseball release. The surfaces of the cards are very condition sensitive and seem to have issues with scratches and roller marks.

Added Value

My box featured 9 parallel cards: 1 Blue Refractor, 7 Refractors, and 1 Rookie Autograph. Topps also added Rookie Retro autographs as added hits in some boxes. These cards features a reprint of some of Topps most famous rookie cards from over the years, featuring an autograph (sticker) on the card. A definite added bonus, that seem to be a very valuable addition.

Final Thoughts

Every year, Topps Chrome Football is a staple on the release calendar and the product rarely fails to provide a fun time breaking and collecting the set. With lots of parallel’s and chases cards inserted per box, the value of product is great around the $40-$50 area. As always, Topps uses their tiered rookie autograph system, so the chance of pulling some of the top rookies are slim.

I will be looking forward to more of the 2010 product, and I am already looking forward to the 2011 Topps Chrome Football set.




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Interesting 2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Autograph Sales Data

Interesting 2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Autograph Sales Data
Interesting 2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Autograph Sales Data

2010 Topps Chrome Baseball has been on the streets for about two full weeks now. Without a doubt, the biggest buzz around this product has been the Stephen Strasburg Chrome Autographs that were inserted in the product. Even after Strasburg’s season was cut short due to his injury, his secondary market prices have not bottomed out, completely.

I have compiled some data from eBay on the sales of all of the 2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg Autographs to date. Check out the table to see some very interesting data:

Card Number of Sales Average High Low
2010 Topps Chrome Base AU 16 $138.96 $174.50 $104.50
2010 Topps Chrome Base AU Redemption 9 $137.99 $178.00 $91.26
2010 Topps Chrome Refractor AU 37 $164.95 $225.00 $124.00
2010 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor AU 11 $258.34 $360.00 $150.00
2010 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor AU 3 $399.33 $449.99 $348.00
2010 Topps Chrome Red Refractor AU 2 $675.00 $700.00 $650.00

There has been 12 more sales of the Refractor version of the Chrome Autograph, for a card that is numbered to 499 verse a card that is unnumbered and has better odds of pulling, this is a bit of a head scratcher why there hasn’t been more base chrome auto pop-up for sale.

To date, there has been 78 successful sales on eBay regarding any variation of a 2010 Topps Chrome Strasburg Auto, collectively selling for a grand total of $14,958.16, or an average of $191.77 per card.

2010 Topps Chrome Football Rookie Reprint Autographs



Included as an extra incentive to bust the 2010 Topps Chrome Football product, Topps had inserted a Topps Chrome Reprint Rookie Autograph into their product. Each card is a reprint of their original Topps or Topps Chrome rookie and features their refractor technology. Each card is numbered to 10 and features a autograph on the card.

Here are some of the top sellers from the set so far:

Early sales figures on 2010 Topps Chrome Football



After 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball left a sour taste in a number of collectors mouths, most of them tip-towed into their 2010 football counterpart. Topps decided to merge two products into their 2010 Topps Chrome release by adding a special Bowman Chrome subset to the product. These include base cards, refractors, autos, and refractor autos from some of this years top rookies. The baseball set featured a number of quality control issues – and from all early indication – those are not present with football product.

Here is a break down of some early sales on eBay of 2010 Topps Chrome Football items:

Clearly, the Rookie Reprint Auto’s have been a huge addition to the set and have been selling really well on the secondary market. Sam Bradford’s on field performances have helped the value of his cards steadily rise and slowly emerged as one of the better selling rookies from the class.

Early reports from case breaks have been indicating that the rookie patch autos are not inserted one per case like they have been in previous releases.

2010 Topps Chrome Tim Tebow Superfractor Auto surfaces on eBay



The holy grail of Tim Tebow cards has made it’s way onto eBay. His 2010 Topps Chrome Superfractor Auto is currently up at a 10-day auction, ending on 10/24. While Tebow has not been anywhere close to one of the top rookies of the 2010 NFL season, his card prices have held steadily through the first 5 weeks of the season, and he has seemed to maintain his cult following of fan from his college days.

Rookies and recent call-ups creating quite the buzz



Prospectors and collectors alike love the adrenaline rush from the mid-season prospect call-up or the rookie who was invited out of camp making it big in their first season of play. This year’s crop of recent call-ups and rookies have not let us down. Like previous seasons, some of our favorites and some dark horses have been putting up huge numbers on their first blush with the show.

Not only have these huge starts resulted in immediate pay-off for their big league club, it has resulted in a large pay-off for prospectors who have been sitting on a large stash, waiting for the right time to sell. Let’s take a look at some of the players making a large splash today:

Rick Porcello – SP – Detroit Tigers (9-7, 4.36 ERA, 55 Ks)
This 20 year flame thrower made it to the bigs directly out of camp. His 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft and 2008 Donruss EEE Auto continue to be hot sellers. His prices have cooled off in the past few weeks, but there is still a monumental upside to Porcello.

Elvis Andrus – SS – Texas Rangers (.263 AVG, 4 HR, 20 SB, 42 R)
Another 20 year phenom making it on the everyday roster, the Rangers saw so much talent is Andrus they moved over perennial All-Star and Gold Glove winner Michael Young to 3B. His 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospect has been selling pretty steadily all season. Plan on buying on a few these to hold as he should have a permanent spot on the roster and possible All-Star roster.

Tommy Hanson – P – Atlanta Braves (6-2, 3.22 ERA, 46 Ks)
Considered by some as the crown jewel of the very talented Atlanta Braves prospect pool, Hanson has added some much needed stability to the shaky Braves rotation. Collectors were salivating at Hanson after he started off his young career 5-0 and was making headlines across the sports world. After his June call-up, price of his 2007 Bowman Chrome Prospect sky rocketed in anticipation and reached new heights after his hot start. His first certified auto was just released in the 2009 Topps Chrome set.

Gordon Beckham – 3B – Chicago White Sox (.314 AVG, 6 HR, 38 RBI, 18 2B)
It’s hard to believe that a little over a year ago Beckham was on the main stage at the College World Series, now he is in the lime light in Chicago, working on a ROY-type season. In the past weeks his cards have started to soar in price. His 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto has seen a steady incline in price. These cards could hit all new highs as the White Sox make a push towards the post season and Beckham climbs higher in the ROY ballets.

Andrew McCutchen – OF – Pittsburgh Pirates (.292 AVG, 7 HR, 32 RBI, 5 3B)
It seems every year prospectors talk about when McCutchen was going to be brought up to help the struggling Pirates organization. Consistently ranked Number 1 by Baseball America in the Pirates Organization since he was drafted, McCutchen finally got called up. The Pirates haven’t been disappointed. McCutchen’s 2004 Bowman Chrome AFLAC and 2005 Bowman Chrome Draft have seen nice gains as McCutchen has started to adjust to every day play in the bigs. He has a great shot at a NL ROY award and you could see a nice spike in sales if he would win.

Derek Holland – P – Texas Rangers (4-7, 5.60 ERA, 68 Ks)
This 25th round pick of the Rangers made his way to the starting rotation after his second full year in the minors. His 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto has been steadily increasing with each start. Holland could be a number 1 starter in the coming years.

Josh Reddick – OF – Boston Red Sox (.313 AVG, 1 HR, 3 2B in 4 games)
With only a few games under his belt, Reddick has made a huge splash in the hobby with his over night success at the plated. His 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto almost doubled over night. I would consider these a strong hold if you haven’t already sold.

Matt Wieters – C – Baltimore Orioles (.269 AVG, 3 HR, 14 RBI)
Easily the most anticipated prospect in all of MLB coming into the 2009 season. The Paul Bunyan-esk Weiters has got off to slow start in Baltimore but is showing leaps and bounds of adjustment and improvement to the game. Sales have remained steady on his 2007 Donruss EEE and 2009 SPx Auto.

First Look: 2009 Topps Chrome Football



2009-topps-chrome-matthew-staffordTopps recently released the information on their 2009 Topps Chrome Football set. The 220 card set will feature Topps famous chrome technology along with their famous refractor parallels. Along with the refractors, each hobby box will contain a autographed rookie card from one of 50 in the set. Each of these autographs will also be produced in a superfractor (1 of 1), gold (/10), and black (/25) variation. Included again in this years set is the Rookie Patch cards, were just exclusively in the hobby boxes.

Each of the base cards will be available in superfractor (1 of 1), red (/25), copper (/599), refractor, and printing plate variety. Each hobby box will contain 9 parallel cards.

Along with the refractors, there will be inserts of Cheerleads and Ring of Honor, each of which will be produced in a variety of refractors as well.